About Tony Lewis

In Love with Kitchen was founded by Tony Lewis. Tony is a kitchen appliance enthusiast who’s been on the market for well over 15 years now, including 10 years in the profession.

Originally from the UK Tony moved to the US in 1999. Since then he’s attended plenty of New York Rangers hockey games and been on several conferences and food shows around the states.

In Love with Kitchen

Most of the reviews that Tony has written is on items that can be found in his own kitchen. He can therefor vouch for it’s great quality.

With the help of personal experience, general knowledge and professional research, Tony will guide you to the right appliances for the right occasions.

In order to stay up-to-date with all the latest gadgets and equipment that you find in the kitchen, be sure to bookmark the site and come back to it whenever you need more advice.

You can also refer to Kitchenopedia for Kitchen related product reviews and list of best picks available.

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